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LPA is a dedicated London property finder. Our superior consulting services leverages upon the strength of our real estate track record, corporate finance experience, expert knowledge of the London property market and breadth of sector relationships.

Why LPA?

1) Buyer-focused property acquisition consulting services;

2) Proactively engaged with you throughout the process from origination through to execution;

3) Rich knowledge of the London property market with a strong focus on growth areas;

4) Variety of property sourcing techniques to unearth properties that match your investment criteria / strategies;

5) Sophisticated financial analysis with expected IRR returns / cash flows to assist you in your decision making;

6) Dual focus on precision and speed for clients to stay ahead of the competition;

7) Experienced investors with a strong track record generating market-leading returns;

8) Extensive professional base to help clients move ahead with confidence; including building contractors, surveyors, mortgage brokers, legal professionals;

9) Value for money and correctly incentivised fees; driven by our ethos to deliver a dedicated quality service to foster long term client relationships.

The LPA Process

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