About Us

London Property Analyst Manager:

  • London Property Analyst ManagerThe London Property Analyst Manager is a seasoned investment banking professional and property investor. He has extensive real estate transaction experience, which has been accumulated over a number of profitable years and across a wide variety of property asset classes and deal types.
  • The Manager has a laser focus on producing alpha returns on every property investment by capitalising on arbitrage opportunities in London’s real estate market, deploying sophisticated leverages strategies appropriately for each investment and conducting an optimal investment exit or refinancing strategy.
  • With minimal initial equity, he has a proven track track record demonstrated in creating a multimillion pound London property-focused portfolio with investments to date generating an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 55% and Cash on Cash (CoC) return of 3.2x to date.
  • The Manager created Londonpropertyanalyst.co.uk to serve as a real estate investment analysis portal in order to educate both prospective and existing investors in London residential property.
  • He also provides advanced bespoke quantitative real estate investment analysis using a proprietary housing model for prospective investment targets in London.
  • Contact the London Property Analyst Manager via manager@londonpropertyanalyst.co.uk to request further information or with any questions.